Protect the driver’s from glass chips projection and projectiles intrusion into the cabin, with Anti Spall layer on the windshield...  Read more


  • Avoid glass projection in case of projectile intrusion
  • Prevent driver’s physical injuries
  • Additional protection fixed on the inner face of the glass.
Specific markets

Anti spall in details

Broken glass and spalls projection might be a significant threat to train drivers. In order to prevent physical injuries, Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport offers a solution of anti-spall shielding: a transparent layer that retains glass shards caused by the intrusion of concrete or metallic impact. It is applied on the internal side of the windscreen in order to avoid the projection from glass fragments to the driver.

Our Anti spall film is the perfect solution to High-Speed and Inter-city trains: faster speed, stronger spall retention.

Did you know? 
The anti-spall function is more and more required by norms for railway and by customers to prevent drivers from any injuries in case of front impact.

The capability for a windshield to fulfill this requirement is assessed during the impact test by placing a 500x500mm aluminum sheet behind the windows. This sheet shall be free of mark after impact, ensuring thus the driver’s safety.

Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes :

  • For > 100km/h vehicles
  • For HST, Inter-city, Regio, Loco and metro
  • Windshield application
  • Flat and bent glass

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