Glass innovation is in our DNA

Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport, part of the Saint-Gobain Group, with over 350 years of expertise in glazing know-how, has a strong culture of innovation. Our Innovation organization is focused on customer needs. We involve all stakeholders because we believe that collective skills play a decisive role in innovation. We want to surprise our customers with innovative solutions to impact the mobility of tomorrow.

Follow our story of innovations and discover what comes next.

What is next? 

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At Saint Gobain Sekurit Transport, we are constantly imagining the future by listening to our customers and end-users.

This is why we have conceived a safer and more comfortable workspace for the driver.

In order to guarantee safety, we have integrated alarms on the sides of the windshields which light up in the event of danger: a pedestrian or a bicycle in a blind spot for example.

We have also favored a dynamic sun visor in order to avoid the glare that the sun can cause. Finally, we have integrated an electroluminescent display that provides information on the journey.

Look at our latest innovation for a safer and more comfortable workplace for the driver.

New High Speed train generation

Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport and Alstom united for a greener mobility

Innovation mindset

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At Saint-Gobain Sekurit transport ,the scope of innovation is wide and consist to develop glass products and systems, new production processes and services for our customers in order to face new challenges.

We follow and anticipate the latest trends on the transport market, to fulfill our client’s needs and end-user’s expectations.

We commit to have by 2025 every new product made by eco-innovation.

A story of innovations

Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport has always been a leader in glass innovation for the transport industry. As part of the Saint-Gobain Group, we have access to more than 350 years of expertise and know-how – concentrated at eight highly advanced R&D centers. 

Discover our breakthrough innovations 

laminated glass

1909 Laminated (Triplex)

Discovered by Eduard Benedictus, laminated glazing is a two-layer of glass laminated through a film. When broken, glass pieces adhere to the interlayer enhancing safety.

tempered glass

1927 Tempered Glass

Patented by Saint-Gobain in 1929 under the name Securit 


1985 – Wire heated glazing

An heated glass by heating micro-wires embedded onto laminated glazing. In case of extreme weather (snow, ice or mist) the windscreen is cleared within a few minutes just by pressing a button.

extrussion glass

1986 – Profile Extrusion

The extrusion technique allows to apply a profile onto the glass periphery creating a ready-to-install module. It improves aesthetics, aerodynamics and acoustics while also facilitating logistical optimization: reduce tooling and modifications costs.


1992 – Dark tinted glazing

Venus is a dark tinted glass in the mass based on color performance for thermal improvement.

Windsliehd snow

1996 – Coat heating glass

SGS Icecontrol® by coat, is the heatable windshield that consists of a metallic coating that de-ices and de-mistes within few minutes, by pushing a button.

noise dumping glazing

2001 - Acoustic glazing

Laminated glazing with a noise damping interlayer which offers improved acoustic comfort. External noise decreases by 3dB to 5 dB ensuring your passenger's comfort.

weight light glazing

2013 - Lightweight

For less energy consumption, glass weight reduction (1kg per sq. glass) improves the autonomy of the vehicle and keeps all the required properties of glass.


2014 – ComfortSky

Saint-Gobain has developed a 4 seasons glass that keeps the vehicle’s interior cool in summer, and warm in winter.

Reflective design

2021 - Reflective Design

Custom design patterns that decors the glazing, without leaving behind it’s transparency and visibility.

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