Glazing services, all along your project

Our services guarantee the best glazing performance at every stage of your project. We offer collaborative engineering and technical training to your teams.

For easy assembly at your plant, we provide: a pre-assembly, filming and framing service that simplifies installation as well as personalized packaging and shipping (Jis)

Collaborative Engineering & In-house testing

 Collaborative Engennirig

We collaborate in the development phases of your vehicles to ensure the best performance for windows (composition and value added functionalities), to minimize life cycle costs.  

Our expertise allows us to test all our products and innovations, evaluating their quality and verifying they meet all required norms. We also provide simulation services during the design phase (feasibility thanks to a Saint-Gobain specific software) and product analysis to support you at the very early stage of your project.

Glass Accessories & Preassembly

Glass accessories

We provide different accessories for every kind of need and we supply them already mounted onto the glass; post-attached profile with flexible lip,guiding element fixed by clamping,seal fixed by adhesion, rain sensor brackets ,connectors for heating filament among others.

Components can be pre-assembled either manually or by automated equipment ready to be used on your vehicle. Apply accessories and different other functionalities thanks to our pre-assembly service

Framing & Filming

Glass filming

Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport has a framing service that simplifies the installation of your windows, doors and windshields by delivering a ready-to-assemble glazing.

Discover our Framing and Antivandalism Film services. 

Customized logistics and adapted packaging

Adapted logistics for glazing

Saint-Gobain Sekurit transport is able to adapt its logistics concept to each customer request:  specific and/or single packaging. We also ease the assembly process: our warehouse organises the glazing in the sequence on which your vehicle will be assembled.

Serigraphy of data matrix/flash code

Serigraphy glazing

To easily track information, a Data Matrix code is marked directly onto the glass ensuring that only the intended glass will be identified. The code is marked thanks to a serigraphy method which can be easily read by a smartphone. We also provide laser-printed content for traceability.

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