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  • Instant switching from opaque to transparent
  • Shutter or curtain removal
  • Dynamic shaded band
  • Privacy for interior glass walls
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Amplisky® in details

The brand new innovation Amplisky® will allow drivers and passengers to block sun glare on demand.

In order to ensure the best workplace and a better passenger experience while traveling, we have developed an instant electronic switching glass from opaque to transparent.

Amplisky® is a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals technology-based product and can be applied on the Shadedband or on the whole surface. 

The Amplisky® product is available in two colors: whitish or grayish (at opaque stage) depending upon your needs but has a haze of 7% at clear stage.

Amplisky® works with low voltage (48V) and consumes low energy.


Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes : 

  • Laminated glass
  • Instant switchable <1sc
  • Shutter can be removed
  • Mature technology

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