Icecontrol® by Coating

Heated glass solution thanks to a coating applied on the windshield: drive safely in every weather condition with Icecontrol® by Coating or Electriflex®.... Read more

  • Perfect for rail use on every season
  • Accelerate deicing and defogging
  • Homogeneous heating across the glass
  • Ensure best visibility
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Icecontrol® by Coating in details

Frost, fog, and mist distort the driver’s visions on different ways: perception of speed, identification of other vehicles or moving objects (pedestrians or animals) and even to stay focused! This weather condition creates an unsafe ride for all people on board. Hence, Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport has developed a coating heating system: SGS Icecontrol® Coating or Electriflex®, well known in the rail industry.

Our heatable glazing technology provides a clear vision while driving in temperatures ranging from – 25 to + 50°C. Icecontrol®Coating is composed by an invisible coating onto the glass, allowing laminated windshields to be de-iced or de-misted within a few seconds, by only pushing a button.

Icecontrol® by Coating offers drivers increased visual comfort and therefore safety in every kind of weather. Our solution is perfect for rail use and we can provide a complete system with a thermostat for heat power regulation or with sensors to be combined with a heat controller.

Several power can be used depending upon your specifications


Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes :

  • Tested for maximal visibility
  • From -25° to 50°C temperature
  • Uniform heating across windshield
  • No more ice-scraping or manual demisting

Icecontrol® by Coating, how does it work?

Icecontrol Coating

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