Chemical Reinforcement

Combine excellent optical qualities and shock resistance with chemically strengthened glass products ... read more

  • Laminated glass
  • Greater mechanical resistance
  • Increased flexibility of the glass
  • Optimize weight and mechanical resistance
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Chemical Reinforcement in details

In addition to tempered glass, Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport offers an advanced technical solution: Chemical Reinforcement.

The process of chemical reinforcement has been used and mastered by Saint-Gobain for more than 50 years. This technology avoids the mechanical treatment on the glass surface resulting in no-deformation and no-rolls, which are characteristic of other reinforcement technologies.

Chemical Reinforcement offers different benefits and satisfies the technical demands imposed by the railway market, combining excellent optical qualities with resistance to shocks, without leading to weight issues.

The chemically reinforced glass is more flexible and allows usage in moving structures.
It has greater mechanical resistance (8 times greater than similar annealed glass).
Thinner glass can be used to optimize the surface mass of the glass.
Visibility is maintained even in the event of impact: the glass breaks into large fragments.

Chemically reinforced glass can be combined with an antispall film for the best protection of the driver.


Discover all amazing properties about glass

  • Railway Windshield
  • Adapted for HST, Inter-city, Regio and Loco
  • 8 x stronger than annealed glass
  • flat and bended glass

Chemical Reinforcement Technical Specifications

chemical reinforcement

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