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  • Acoustic comfort improvement
  • Noise damping interlayer
  • Filter DB frequency
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DbControl® in details

Noise penetrates into the vehicle mainly through the windshield and the sidelites. With the increase of glazing areas, acoustic comfort becomes a relevant need. An annoying sound environment can cause negative effects on drivers, jeopardizing safety. Likewise, noise affects passengers making them feel uncomfortable during their journey

The use of laminated glass, two glass sheets bonded together by a plastic film, helps to improve the acoustic comfort. However, by replacing the traditional interlayer by a noise damping interlayer patented by Saint-Gobain: DBcontrol®, acoustic glazing offers a drastically better result.

Thanks to its ability to filter high and low frequency noises, DBcontrol® gives the manufacturers the possibility to decrease the noise level inside the vehicle, enhancing comfort for all end-users.

Acoustic is not trivial and depends on many factors such as cabin structure, please contact us for a deep analysis and we might offer customized solutions (sealing , extrusion etc)


Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes :

  • Laminated glass
  • Low & high frequency filter
  • Easy to implement

DBControl® Technical Specifications

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