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  • Glass composition optimisation
  • Thermal insulation glass
  • Keep comfort and save energy
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Light Weight in details

Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport believes that glazing added functionalities should not lead to overweight glazing issues. This is why we have developed lightweight solutions for thermal improvement while having large and light passenger windows.

Our strong expertise and know-how in glass composition enable us to provide you the best light composition for your project complying with norms. We are constantly investing in our manufacturing process and tools to transform thinner glass whatever the glass position on your vehicle. 

Did you know?

By reducing 1mm of glass thickness on your vehicle,  you can save at least 75 kg on a citybus, 125 kg in a coach and up to a ton in a train!

On the other hand, our thermal comfort solution by coating for every season of the year, can be combined without exceeding any weight.

Reduction the mass is not the only way to reduce CO2 emissions 

Glazing is a component of a vehicle and it is essential to understand the interactions between the different systems to achieve a reduction in the vehicle's carbon footprint. Often it is more efficient to add thermal insulation properties than to reduce only the glass weight. 

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Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes :

  • Weight reduction in order to save energy consumption
  • Reduce environmental impact by saving energy
  • Glass composition optimization

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