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Side windows are typically made of tempered glass. When broken, the entire pane breaks into small fragments. However, laminated glass in terms of security, when broken, the glass shards adhere to the plastic, helping maintain structural integrity.

Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport laminated glazing Global Protect® provides multiple functions and a better glazing performance:

Ejection mitigation: Laminated side windows, like windshields, reduce the risk of an ejection through side windows during a road accident (Survey of the University of Birmingham).

Antitheft properties: Breaking into a vehicle through laminated side windows takes at least 10 times longer when compared to tempered glazing. The improved penetration resistance of laminated glass windows contributes to increase security by helping to delay entering the vehicle through the glass.

Comfort features: Global Protect® improves the occupants’ comfort by reducing drastically UV radiation and provides better noise insulation than standard tempered glass sidelites.



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