GSM Friendly

Improve wave and signal behaviour with GSM Friendly. The best compromise between aesthetic, thermal comfort and connectivity...Read More

  • High signal transmission
  • Improve Connectivity while keeping thermal comfort
  • Thinner lines available on the market
  • Cost effective solution
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GSM Friendly in details

We live in a connected world. However, onboard networks systems can be expensive. This why Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport has developed a solution so end-users can stay connected during the journey. 

The wave and signal attenuation through standard glazing is around 3 Db, but the thermal improved coated glass works as a shield, and signal reception is heavily impacted (-30DB).

In order to keep comfort while improving connectivity, we have developed GSM friendly to improve the signal behavior through the coated glazing.

Thanks to a brand-new laser processing machine, we are able to partially erase the coating (only 5% of the coating is erased). The thickness removed from the surface is 30 microns, the same thickness of a hair! The comfort properties are kept and the signal behavior is improved (signal attenuation -5 to 8 Db)

For operators, the costs of infrastructure and use of the onboard network are reduced.

GSM Friendly technology can be used with all coated glass solutions.


Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes :

  • Improve connectivity for coated glass
  • Thermal comfort guaranteed
  • 5% of erased coating
  • Thin line like an hair

GSM Friendly Technical Specifications

GSM Friendly

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