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Smart glazing solutions for the new mobility

Transportation trends and challenges are constantly evolving:  increasing mass public transportation, environmental responsibility, digital services and connectivity expectations. Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport provides glazing solutions for a more responsible, safer and comfortable journey; so that end-users enjoy a unique experience.

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Sekurit transport’s Stronger & Safer glazing solutions ensure a safe environment for end-users.

Our products guarantee the Perfect Vision for a safer drive.

Thanks to our glazing capabilities, customized Design is conceivable through shapes, large dimensions, flush finish and more.

Green & Sustainable


Our purpose is to reduce mobility CO2 emissions by improving Thermal Efficiency in order to decrease energy consumption.

Our Weight Saving is one of our solutions to increase autonomy while lowering emissions.

Also, meet a greener mobility thanks to our Sustainable by Design and our Services


Driver & Passenger Experience 



Sekurit Transport inspires your passengers’ journey with an optimum Thermal and Acoustic Comfort. And, for the best on-board experience, we offer connectivity solutions.

Discover our glazing Design solutions to improve aesthetics for a better user experience.



Innovation leads us towards the new age of mobility. We are constantly improving our products, services and processes for customers' needs. Sekurit Transport offers new solutions to build the future.  

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