Icecontrol ® by Wires 

For a safe and comfortable drive in severe weather condition thanks to our wire heating solution: Icecontrol® by Wires Airplex®.... Read more

  • Ensure visual comfort on every season
  • Accelerate deicing and defogging
  • Avoid use of air blowers
  • Reduce use of heating system, less energy consumption
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Icecontrol® by Wires in details

Extreme temperatures may cause visual discomfort to drivers, making the journey unsafe for all people on board. For this reason, Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport has developed a wire heating technology allowing the driver to demist and defrost the windshield within a few minutes:  Icecontrol® Wires.This technology is also Known as Airplex® in the rail industry.

The heating process is carried out by heating wire filaments embedded into Plastic Inter-layer. These heating filaments are invisible: less than 30 μm thick depending on the required heating performance. The wires may be arranged in waveform or straight, positioned vertically or horizontally. The heated area may cover the whole surface or be subdivided into several heating zones (wipers).

Icecontrol®Wires can demist and defrost a windshield and driver’s lateral windows in less than five minutes at -10 ° C. Our solution offers increased visual comfort and therefore safety during tough weather conditions.
For vehicles  application: the complete system includes regulator with thermostat or controller with sensor contained directly in the laminate, are as well part of our supply scope.

Icecontrol® Wires is also an excellent choice for electric vehicles, as it reduces the consumption of the heating power system.

Heated glazing can be combined with added functionalities like solar control glass or accoustic.

Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes :

  • Laminated glass
  • Prevent icing, fogging and condensation
  • Invisible wires (<30µm)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Perfect for electric vehicles

Icecontrol® by Wires, how does it work ? 

Icecontrol Wires

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