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  • Wide range of framing systems
  • Easy and fast window replacement
Specific markets

Framing in details

Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport supplies full range of  window solutions for major railway programs. To achieve this, we cooperate with leading frame makers in order to develop the most competitive window systems (frame and glass).  We offer a wide choice of mechanical interfaces in compliance with customer specifications. The interface is designed in the full understanding of global mechanical requirements: strength, water tightness, durability and maintenance, aesthetics, «flush» finish as well as manufacturing cost-effectiveness and replacement time.

We cover all range of window types, flat or bent: fixe, opening and emergency exits

Several glass framing options are offered to train manufacturers depending on their needs for design:

- Glass in frame glued on the train body, flush mounting;

- Glass in frame clamped or screwed into the train body;

- Glass in double -frame systems, screwed into the train body;

- Glass rubber-mounted on the train body.

All these options are designed and tested to be fully watertight and pressure-resistant and meet all severe standards of railway and compliant to norms. 

Ability to supply all market segments (very high speed, high-speed, intercity/regional, and urban trains)and all types of train including double decker.

Possibility to use frame system to integrate other functions (supports for interior panels, for stores, etc..)

Design life span of the complete window is more than 30 years.


  • All kind of frame
  • Weight saving solutions
  • Tested and reliable systems
  • Durability >30 years

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