Thermocontrol® Reflecting

Thermocontrol® Reflecting is a Laminated glass that reduces solar heat transmission by reflection of the Infra Red...Read More

  • Laminated glass with interlayer that reflects IR rays
  • Limits airconditionning use and energy consumption
  • Blocks UV rays
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Thermocontrol® Reflecting in details

The sun’s radiation gets absorbed by the glazing, getting trapped inside the vehicle causing the temperature to rise. On sunny days, the inner temperature can double in less than half an hour, increasing the use of A/C in order to refresh the vehicle. This is why Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport has developed Thermocontrol® Reflecting.

Our enhanced thermal solution is a laminated glass with a specific inter-layer that reflects a large portion of solar radiation (more than 25 %). It efficiently reduces the vehicle inside temperature  compared to other glazing. The time to return to a comfortable temperature and air conditioning are drastically decreased.

Thermocontrol® Reflecting is very efficient even when the vehicle is parked but has some constraints on windshield shapes and tint.

For more thermal comfort solutions check out Venus® and Thermocontrol® Absorbing.


Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes :

  • For laminated glass
  • Reflective interlayer
  • Energy reflection +25%
  • Invisible no color alteration
  • High LT >70%
  • Shape limitation

Thermocontrol® Reflecting Performances

Thermocontrol Reflecting

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