Driver & Passenger

Create a unique onboard experience

Passengers needs have drastically changed, the new generation ask for a more comfortable and connected journey. Drivers must benefit from a comfortable workplace for more efficiency. We look forward to inspire your end-user's journey by responding to their expectations.
Tailor your vehicle with increased thermal comfort, connectivity and our Experience by Design solutions.

Thermal Comfort

Thermal Comfort

Provide thermal comfort with our selected products. They can be combined for a premium comfort. Discover also our dark tinted glass solution, Venus®.

Laminated glazing solution with an interlayer that reflects IR rays

Reduce the transmission of direct solar energy by absorbing infrared rays

New glass product combining heat and cold control, for every season!

Double glazing for the best insulation and comfort

 Calumen Live

The tool for all the technical details of glazing. Find the suitable glass for your project

Calumen Live




Today, social networking and online entertainment is a part of everyday life.

Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport has developed different solutions so end-users can stay connected during the journey.

Discover GSM Friendly and Tennafit®.

Acoustic Comfort

noise dumping glazing

Reduce external noise and discover the feeling of calmness while working or traveling.

Discover both of our acoustic solutions: Dbcontrol® and Climavit® DGU.


Experience by Design

Experience glazing design


Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport enhances your end-user’s comfort so that drivers have a pleasant workplace and passengers enjoy the journey.

Find out more about our Experience Design solutions.


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