Avoid sunlight on the driver’s sight and provide the best visibility thanks to an embedded Shadeband onto the windshield... Read More

  • Eye protection against sun exposure
  • Enhance visibility comfort in sunny conditions
  • Avoid curtain obsolescence
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ShadeBand in details

Road accidents increase by 16% when the sun glare faces the driver.  Sunlight suddenly blinds or distorts the driver’s vision, inhibiting visibility as well as the ability to react quickly. Furthermore, drivers are exposed to long periods of direct sunlight which slowly harms eyesight.

Today, curtains integrated to the cabin prevent sun rays from damaging the driver’s vision while driving. However, curtains tend to become obsolete.

Protect the driver from direct sun exposure and replace curtains by a Shadedband embedded onto the windshield.

Provide visibility comfort in sunny conditions. Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport has developed a  cost effective Shade band soltution: a green-tinted degraded towards clear and on PVB layer in laminated composition. The solar band position is +/- 10 mm.

Our latest innovation :a dynamic shaded band Amplisky®


Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes :

  • Laminated glass
  • Embedded PVB layer on glass
  • Green tinted degraded towards clear
  • Cost effective solution

Shadedband for Tramway Windshield

Examples of shaded band positioning with destination panel. 
shadeband for sunglare

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