Safety, our first concern

End-user’s safety is the priority of the transport industry. Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport follows the strictest quality standards and offers a wide range of products to fit your requirements to guarantee a safe ride. Perfect vision and stronger glazing are among our offer. Discover also our safety by design products.

Perfect vision

Perfect vision

We have developed several glazing solutions to improve vision all along the day and for all seasons, in order to offer a safer workplace for drivers.

Provide visual comfort with our defrosting and demisting solutions. Rather through a heating coating system

Avoid potentially dangerous reflection with Reflexcontrol®  the anti-reflection glass 

Moreover, reduce sun glare thanks to Shadeband.

Stronger, safer


We provide products that protect drivers and passengers from all kinds of threats with harder and high-performance glazing against vandalism, impacts, and other risks. 

Laminated glass, the best glazing protection ensured.

Protect windows, doors and partition walls from all kind of vandal acts with a dedicated film.

A more flexible glass with greater mechanical resistance for specific application.

Eliminate the projection of glass into the driver’s cabin in case of projectile impact.

Safe by Design

Safety glazing

Thanks to our ability to produce glazing with the best optics on all kinds of shapes, Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport provides a safer environment. We offer the best glass composition according to your market, norms and needs.


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