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  • Integrate antenna into glass
  • Antennas are protected against breakages and vandalism
  • Aestehetic solution
Specific markets

Tennafit® in details

Connectivity is a major trend in transportation industry and is becoming increasingly important as more devices are used by both driver and passengers (radio, mobile communication, navigation etc).

Glass is the ideal material to integrate antenna because it has fitting dielectric properties allowing a very good reception quality and a broad brandwidth.

Saint gobain Sekurit transport has developed a range of solutions to integrate antennas on glass Tennafit® : 

  • antennas can be printed on tempered glass
  • antennas wires are inserted into the pvb for laminated glazings



Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes 

  • Antennas practicaly invisible
  • Road antenna wind noises and vibrations are eliminated
  • Higher antennas protection

Tennafit® Technical Specifications


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