Climavit® Insulated glass

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  • Minimize energy expenses
  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • Possibility to add coatings
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Climavit® Double Glass Unit in details

Climavit® is the consolidation of two panes of glass spaced by a bar and fixed with a sealant forming a single airtight. By combining two sheets of glass, we can offer solutions to different problems: thermal comfort, noise comfort, and safety. 

Climavit® is the best insulation solution for winter period compared to a monolithic or laminated Glass . In order to compare the insulation properties of a glass , we use the heat transfer coefficient: the Ug value. This value indicates the rate of heat transfer through glass over a given area if the temperature difference is one degree (1kelvin)

The measurement unit of the U-value is therefore W/(m²K)”  from norm ISO10292. Thus, the lower the U-value, the better is the insulation (see table hereunder).

To increase the thermal insulation for both winter and summer, we use different glass thickness and air gap or adding gas(Argon but others are possible).For premium product , we add some low emissivity coating like Planitherm® or ComfortSky®.Saint gobain has developed a wide range of different coated glass that can be used to better fit your requirements. 


Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes :

  • Efficient thermal insulation
  • Minimize energy expenses
  • Playing on air or gaz gap
  • Possibility to add coating

Climavit® Technical performances 


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