Thermocontrol®  Absorbing

Thermocontrol® Absorbing is Laminated glass with a specific interlayer that absorbs Infrared Rays...Read More

  • Lowest TE for a TL > 70%
  • No shape limitation
  • No Electromagnetic shields
Specific markets

Thermocontrol® Absorbing in details

The heat that enters the vehicle is mainly due to the sun’s energy transmitted into the vehicle through the glass. The regulation requested to keep a light transmission above 70% for the driver area

To deal with solar energy transmission, while keeping the highest light transmission Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport offers a solution to minimize this problem.

Thermocontrol® Absorbing is a laminated glass with a specific interlayer that absorbs the direct solar radiation reducing the Solar Factor (SF).

Thermocontrol® Absorbing is the only one to bring you the lowest TE for a TL >70%.

Thermocontrol® can be combined with Icecontrol® by wires.

For more thermal comfort solutions check out Thermocontrol® Reflecting and ComfortSky®.


Discover glass’ amazing properties and processes :

  • For laminated glass
  • High TL
  • Reduce Solar Factor
  • No shape limitation
  • Compatible with Icecontrol
  • Easy to implement

Thermocontrol®  Absorbing Technical Specifications

Thermocontrol Absorbign

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