Innovative Technologies

Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport and Alstom united for a greener mobility

The new sustainable and comfortable train generation.

Alstom and SNCF have co-developed the fifth generation of high-speed trains which will enter service in 2023. Saint-Gobain supplies all the windows for the "TGVs of the future".

The new generation of the TGV is a concentration of innovations. High energy efficiency, 100% connected train, unrivaled comfort, and accessibility: this is a technological and industrial challenge in which Saint-Gobain is participating.

Our innovations on the new TGV


The Group provides the windows and windshields for the 100 trains ordered by SNCF. At the heart of this challenge, the desire to put the passenger experience back at the center of travel thanks to the latest generation of Saint-Gobain glazing. Larger bay windows with enhanced thermal insulation properties and ensuring a stable internet connection are all innovations that help to improve the comfort of the traveler.

The solutions offered by Saint-Gobain also aim to facilitate train maintenance. Via a double frame system, the replacement of the windows is faster, thus limiting the downtime of the train during maintenance operations. Thanks to the use of 97% recyclable materials, a more aerodynamic shape and an energy return system during braking, the TGV of the future will reduce its energy consumption by 20%, and will improve the carbon footprint by 37 % compared to current trainsets.