Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport’s performant glazing for SmartShuttle

From the 1st to the 4th of June 2021, the world summit on sustainable mobility was broadcasted from Montreal, Paris and Singapore. Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport participated on this event through a collaborative project: SmartShuttle.

 The Smartshuttle had our high performant glazing to improve on board experience: Comfortsky, and our brand new innovation Transparent Screen on the interior wall ’ 

This project started 2 years ago when a community of interest got together: Orange, Michelin, Yellow Window, Total, Bertolami and Saint-Gobain. The project started with a need: to no longer undergo the time of the journey, but to use the travelling time on working and relaxing. That is how a connected meeting room on a bus was created, known as Smartshuttle.

Preview image for the video "MovingOn  Saint Gobain Sekurit Transport".