Venus® Glass

Venus® glass range brings you the best thermal comfort in your vehicle during the sunny season...Read More

  • Excellent thermal comfort
  • Best LT / TE ratio on the market
  • Available in two colors: Green and Grey
  • Excellent visibility from the inside to the outside of the vehicle
Specific markets

Venus® in details

Thermal comfort inside the vehicle may be enhanced via glazing by absorbing the IR radiation.

Venus® is a tinted glass on the mass from float production, available for monolithic tempered side windows improving your passenger’s comfort by absorbing solar energy and reducing their exposure to direct solar rays.

Thanks to this specific glass, thermal exchange with exterior is minimized. Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport offers two colors of tinted glass: Venus® Grey and Venus® Green with diverse light and heat transmission depending upon thicknesses. You will find the best compromise between thermal comfort and light transmission.

Venus® can be also combined with other thermal insulation solutions such as  ComfortSky® and insulated or laminated glass, in order to improve the overall performance and comfort.


  • All glass type
  • Windows & roof
  • Thickness : 3 to 5 mm
  • 2 colors Green & Grey
  • Various LT and TE

Venus® Technical Performances

Thermal and light performances for a 5 mm monolithic glass 
SolarFactor Venus
TTS or Factor G 

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