ComfortSky®, the latest Saint-Gobain innovation for thermal comfort for drivers and passengers, for the whole year, no matter which season…Read More

  • 4 seasons thermal performance product
  • Reduce overall energy consumption
  • Perfect for electric vehicles
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ComfortSky®  in details

Nowadays there is an increased attention of optimizing the energy consumption (HVAC) while keeping or increase the comfort level.

For this reason, Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport has developed a unique glazing solution for every season: Comfortsky® keeps the interior of your vehicle comfortable in summer and in winter with a reduction of the heating and air conditioning consumption.

Comfortsky® is a low emissivity coating designed for tempered and bended single glass. It is classified as hard coating and, having a durability similar to the glass one, it can be on the passenger side. The coating increases the thermal insulation by drastically reducing the glass radiative heat transfer:

• In winter it eliminates the cold wall effect, reflecting back to the passengers their thermal emission.

• In summer it absorbs solar heat and avoids to radiate toward the passengers and helping heat dissipation toward the outside.

Comfortsky® is the perfect solution to decrease the glazing and/or the system weight while preserving comfort of the end users. It is of particular interest to increase the performances of electric vehicles.

ComfortSky® increases its benefit if combined with other thermal solutions such as Thermocontrol®Absorbing (Venus® range or absorbing green glass).

Comfortsky® is compatible with every glass type (monolithic, DGU, laminated) and all glass surfaces present on your vehicles.


  • Invisible low E coating
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Free shape and bending
  • All kind of glass type
  • combine with other glass function

ComfortSky® performances examples


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