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Creating the new sustainable mobility

Saint-Gobain Sekurit Transport takes part in the energy transition of transportation, by offering greener solutions that will allow you to achieve your targets: comfort, reduce CO2 emissions and increase driving range for Electric vehicles. Thermal efficiency, weight-saving glazing, and sustainable design are among our products, suitable to every transport.   

Thermal Efficiency

Thermal Comfort

Reduce HVAC use while ensuring the best thermal comfort, will decrease the energy consumption of the vehicle, no matter the external weather.  We offer anti-solar glazing solutions: from performant color range to the latest coated glazing.

Wide range of dark tinted glass to decrease solar energy transmission by absorption.Dedicated to passengers windows, roof and backlight.  

Reduce the transmission of direct solar energy by absorbing infrared rays thanks to a specific interlayer.

Laminated glazing solution with a specific interlayer that reflects IR rays.

Our latest innovation for thermal control; a four-season glass product for hot & cold control. Suitable for all glass types (Tempered, Laminated, Insulated glass)

Calumen Live

The tool for all the technical details of glazing. Find the suitable glass for your project.

Calumen Live

Weight Saving



Energy efficiency through light-weight saving solutions contributes to reduce CO2 emissions.

Discover Light Weight for a greener transport.


Sustainable by Design

Sustainable by design


Discover how design and sustainability creates the optimum environment for everyday transport.

Find out more about aerodynamics, extrusion and eco-design to build a greener mobility.



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